Google Sitemap Article Now Online

Help Google index your WordPress site by setting up a sitemap.

My most recent article for is now online: “Add A Google-Compatible Sitemap For Your WordPress Blog.” The article explains the steps you need to follow to set up a WordPress plugin that will automatically generate and update a Google-compatible sitemap. This can help Google index your site and improve your Google rankings.

Informit Publishes Excel 2007 Book Excerpt

“Working with Excel Files” goes online.

ImageJust a quick note to let Excel 2007 users out there know that Informit has published an excerpt from my Excel 2007 Visual QuickStart Guide on its Web site. The piece is titled “Working with Excel Files.” Access to the site is free.

I’m pretty sure the book is out, but I haven’t had an author copy in my hot little hands yet.

I think my recent article about using WordPress with Google sitemaps will be online there next week. Stay tuned for more info.

How to Add WordPress Category Feed Links to Posts

Another Informit article.

Sheesh. I forgot all about this one. I just checked in at Informit and there it was — an article I’d written at least a month ago.

It’s called “How to Add WordPress Category Feed Links to Posts” and it provides detailed information about how I get those little RSS icons to appear beside category names for each post on this site. I referred to this article in a post on this site, “WordPress Category Feeds.” That post explains why I wrote the article and why I didn’t publish it here. (It basically comes down to my need to pay bills and eat.)

I think that’s the last Informit article in the pipeline. They’ve asked me for some Leopard articles, but I’m going to wait a wee bit longer before I start churning those out.

Anyway, enjoy. And if you have questions about the article, you can post them in Comments here.

Create an Automated Backup Plan with Fetch and iCal

Another one of my articles goes online.

Create an Automated Backup Plan with Fetch and iCal” explains how you can use low-cost FTP software and iCal’s scheduling feature to create offsite backups of your important files. All you need is space on an FTP-accessible server.

The article is free at

I wrote this article before my February hard disk crash. If only I had taken its advice for more than just a handful of files!

FeedBurner E-Mail Notification Article Now Online

Informit gets around to publishing one of the articles I wrote in December.

Back in December, I added individual RSS feeds on FeedBurner for the book support categories on this site. The main reason I did this was to take advantage of FeedBurner’s e-mail notification feature.

E-mail notification is like RSS feeds for novices. Instead of requiring users to know how to set up a live bookmark or configure a feed reader to get new content, it simply delivers new content to subscribers automatically once a day via e-mail. Whether I write one entry or ten in a day, the contents of those entries are compiled nightly into a single e-mail message and sent out to subscribers. That’s all they get. No junk mail, no spam, no annoying reminders. Best of all, the e-mail message includes links that subscribers can use to check out the article on my site or leave comments. And a link to unsubscribe that actually works.

When I set this feature up for my book support categories, I wrote an article about it that explained, with screenshots, how to get the job done. I submitted it to my overworked editor at, she gave me the thumbs up, and it ended up in Informit’s publication pipeline. I approved the edits in mid January and began waiting to see it appear online.

Informit apparently publishes new content weekly on Fridays. At least, that’s how it seems to me. My articles always seem to come out on Fridays. “Add Email Notification to Your Blog with FeedBurner” appeared this morning.


Oh, and by the way, there are three more articles in the Informit pipeline. I’ll let you know when they appear. You can always find a complete list of my articles, with links to the ones that can be read online, on my Articles page.