Office for Mac 2008: Small Business Projects

Office 2008 DVDIn Office 2008 for Mac: Small Business Projects, author and business owner Maria Langer shows how anyone can build a small business with the tools provided in Microsoft Office 2008. Maria teaches the concepts as she creates documents that every business needs: business cards, letterhead, contact records, and invoices. She demonstrates how the Office applications contain all the functions and features needed to build a strong company identity and communicate with customers. Throughout the course, Maria gives tips from the perspective of a successful small business owner, highlighting the features that she uses every day. Exercise files accompany this course.

Topics include:

  • Building a strong company identity with Word
  • Scheduling and modifying meeting and events in Entourage
  • Creating custom themes for slides in PowerPoint
  • Building a break-even analysis with Excel
  • Creating an invoice template with fixed information using Excel
  • Designing a company flyer or marketing piece using Word templates
  • Organizing contacts and managing projects in Entourage


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