Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide

Support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Apple’s next version of its OS, code-named Leopard, will keep Mac users in the forefront of making the most from their computers. Respected, best-selling author Maria Langer takes readers through Mac OS X’s groundbreaking capabilities, including new applications such as Time Machine and Spaces and revamped applications such as Mail, Dashboard, Spotlight, and iCal. With plenty of screenshots to clearly illustrate techniques, this reasonably priced guide is a great reference to the essentials of Mac OS X Leopard.

  • Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide you through Mac OS X and show you what to do.
  • Concise steps and explanations let you get up and running in no time.
  • Page for page, the best content and value around.
  • Companion Web site offers tips, links, updates, and more at

Maria Langer has written more than 70 computer books, including best-selling Visual QuickStart Guides on Mac OS X, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, as well as hundreds of articles for magazines and Web sites. A Macintosh user since 1989, Maria never tires of teaching her Macs new tricks. When she’s not writing, Maria is working hard to build her helicopter tour and charter business, Flying M Air. Visit Maria on the Web at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Up Mac OS X 10.5
Chapter 2: Finder Basics
Chapter 3: File Management
Chapter 4: Using Spotlight
Chapter 5: Advanced Finder Techniques
Chapter 6: Customizing the Finder
Chapter 7: Desktop Management
Chapter 8: Application Basics
Chapter 9: TextEdit
Chapter 10: Personal Information Software
Chapter 11: Front Row
Chapter 12: Other Mac OS X Applications
Chapter 13: Dashboard
Chapter 14: Fonts
Chapter 15: Printing and Faxing
Chapter 16: Connecting to the Internet
Chapter 17: Using Internet Applications
Chapter 19: Multiple Users
Chapter 20: Security
Chapter 21: System Preferences
Chapter 22: Mac OS Utilities
Chapter 23: Automation Tools
Chapter 24: Unix Basics for Mac OS X
Chapter 25: Boot Camp
Chapter 26: Getting Help
Appendix A: Menus and Keyboard Equivalents


Here are sample chapters from the book. You’ll need Preview or Adobe Reader to open and read them:

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October 1, 2011 Update: I’ve closed support for this book due to its age and my inability to run Leopard on any computer. If you need help with this software, I recommend using the Support features on Apple’s Web site.