Dragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart Guide

Dragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart Guide walks readers through how to train Dragon Dictate, allowing it to recognize the way readers speak. Readers will learn how to add specialized words and names and how to control Mac applications using their voice. The book then moves on to editing text documents, allowing readers to select, delete, capitalize and work with text. The book also covers having Dragon read text back to the user, allowing the user to proofread and edit dictated documents. Finally, the book covers more advanced topics, such as creating new voice commands for controlling Mac applications and controlling the mouse via voice commands.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1:Getting Started
Chapter 2: Using the Dragon Dictate Interface
Chapter 3: Dictating Text
Chapter 4: Editing Text
Chapter 5: Fine-Tuning Speech Recognition
Chapter 6: Controlling Your Computer
Chapter 7: Using Application Commands
Chapter 8: Customizing the Command Set
Chapter 9: Setting Preferences
Appendix A: Menus & Shortcut Keys
Appendix B: Setting Up Dragon Remote Microphone

Table of Tables
Table 2.1: Default Global Hot Keys
Table 3.1: Dictation Capitalization Commands
Table 3.2: Commands for Excluding Spaces
Table 3.3: Space Commands
Table 3.4: Punctuation Commands
Table 3.5: Symbol Commands
Table 3.6: International Radio Alphabet
Table 3.7: Commands for Diacritical Letters
Table 3.8: Commands for Ligatures & Non-Latin Characters
Table 3.9: Examples Combining Dictation and Spelling Modes
Table 3.10: Dictating Numbers in Dictation Mode
Table 3.11: Dictating Fractions
Table 3.12: Mathematical Symbol Commands
Table 3.13: Currency Symbol Commands
Table 3.14: Dictating Currency Amounts
Table 3.15: Phone Number Dictation Examples
Table 3.16: Date Dictation Examples
Table 3.17: Time Dictation Examples
Table 3.18: Address Dictation Examples
Table 3.19: ISO Currency Codes
Table 4.1: Dictation Reversal Commands
Table 4.2: Navigation Commands
Table 4.3: Selection Commands
Table 4.4: Modification Commands
Table 4.5: Commands for Inserting Punctuation Around Words
Table 4.6: Proofreading Commands
Table 5.1: Speech Recognition Training Commands
Table 6.1: Global Commands for Working with Mac OS
Table 6.2: Global Commands for Working with the Active Application
Table 6.3: Global Commands for Working with Dialog Boxes
Table 6.4: Global Commands for Searching
Table 6.5: Global Commands for Getting Information
Table 6.6: Commands for Typing Keystrokes
Table 6.7: Mouse Grid Commands
Table 6.8: Move Mouse Commands
Table 6.9: Commands for Moving the Mouse Pointer a Specific Direction by a Specific Amount
Table 6.10: Mouse Click Commands
Table 7.1: Common Command Word Pairs
Table 7.2: Dragon Dictate Commands
Table 7.3: Finder Commands
Table 7.4: TextEdit Commands
Table 7.5: Microsoft Word Commands
Table 7.6: Safari Commands
Table 7.7: Mail Commands
Table 7.8: iCal Commands
Table 7.9: Twitter & Facebook Commands

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Frequently Asked Questions

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6 thoughts on “Dragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart Guide

  1. Hi Maria:
    I just ordered Dragon Dictate 2.5 and your book “Dragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart Guide” from Amazon.
    I then had a concern. Most of the literature on Dragon Dictate stresses how great it works with Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.
    I use “IWork 09″ not Microsoft Office and do not plan to switch to Lion from Snow Leopard.
    Four quick questions please:
    1. In your book do you cover extensively the use of Dragon Dictate 2.5 with Safari, Pages ’09, Numbers ’09 and Keynote 09′ and Apple Mail? These are the programs I use.
    2. Did you find Dragon Dictate2.5 works great using Safari, Pages ’09, Number ’09′, Keynote 09′ and Apple Mail?
    3. Were there any major problems you discovered in the Dragon Dictate 2.5 support of Safari, Pages ’09, Number ’09′, Keynote 09′ and Apple Mail?
    4. Would you recommend I switch to Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 from Pages ’09, Number ’09′, Keynote 09′ and Apple Mail to have a better experience from Dragon Dictate 2.5.
    Thank you very much for answering these four questions.

    • Hi, Bob!

      Answers to your questions:

      1. I cover using Dragon Dictate with Safari and Apple Mail. Dictation should work fine with the other apps. In addition, you should be able to create custom commands to perform tasks with each of those other apps. Keep in mind that the reason Nuance is stressing how well Dictate works with Microsoft Word is because it’s one of only three word processing tools that you can mix dictation and manual editing. You will not have much success doing that with Pages, although there are workarounds, as discussed in the book.

      2. Dictation works great in any app I used it with. I did not specifically use it with any of the iWorks apps.

      3. No, but as I already said, I did not use it with iWorks apps.

      4. I can’t advise you about switching. I recommend that you give it a try with the iWorks apps and see how it works for you. If you’ve been using the iWorks apps for a long time and like them, you won’t be very happy switching to Microsoft Office.

      Good luck and let me know how you do!


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  3. Hi Maria,
    I just purchased Dragon Dictate for Mac 3.0 and have been struggling. Saw an excerpt from your book and it was awesome. The Golden Rule made so many things make sense!
    I am keen to purchase the Kindle version of your book, but it is for version 2.5. Are you just about to release a 3.0 version of your book? If not, do you know how much of the book is the same for 3.0 and what might be missing?

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