Other Guides

I provide limited support for books and other materials written for other publishers. Use the pages linked from here to learn more and get support.

Mac OS Books

I wrote my first Mac OS Visual QuickStart Guide for Peachpit Press about Mac OS back in 1998. That book covered Mac OS 8, which was long-awaited and brand spanking new at the time. The book became an instant bestseller, selling out at Macworld Expo in the first day of the show. I’ve been revising the book regularly since then.

On this site you can find information about the three most recent editions of my Mac OS Visual QuickStart Guide:

Use the above links as starting points for information here about a specific version of Mac OS.

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Internet-Related Books and Videos

I’ve been building websites since 1995 and blogging since 2003. I’ve also authored (and co-authored) a number of books and videos about Internet-related topics. Here’s a list of my recent titles:

I also write occasionally about social networking on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Microsoft Office Books and Videos

I’ve been writing about and providing training for Microsoft Office products since 1990. My work and experience covers Mac OS and Windows versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

On these pages, you can find more information about some of the more recent books and videos I’ve authored about Microsoft Office applications:

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Other Topics

Lately, I’ve begun writing about other topics that interest me. Some of these topics are represented in books while others are confined to short articles that appear on this site and elsewhere. My recent books about these other topics include:

Support for Out of Print Books

I’ve written more than 75 books over the past 20 years. Only a handful of those books are recent and even fewer are still in print.

Unfortunately I cannot provide support for all those old books. If you’re still using an older software product and you need help with a problem that’s not covered in my book about it, your best bet is to visit the support forums for the software’s developer. That’s usually a good resource for getting help with older software.