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Have an idea for a specific topic for possible coverage in a future Maria’s Guides book? This is the place to let me know.

Use the comments form below to make your suggestion. Be sure to include the following information:

  • A concise description of what you’d like the book to cover. Remember, Maria’s Guides are short — never longer than 200 pages — so we’re far more likely to produce narrow focus books.
  • What you find most difficult about the topic you’d like covered in a book. In other words, what do you need the most help with?
  • What version of the software (if applicable) you’re using. Mac OS or Windows? Or both? Keep in mind that we only work with current versions of software.
  • Whether you prefer printed or ebook editions. We produce both, but are interested in what our readers prefer.

Please understand that we consider all entries here as suggestions and cannot promise any title within any timeframe. On ideas we like, however, it is possible to produce a book in less than 2 weeks.

Maybe our next title will be written especially for you!

7 thoughts on “Request Books

  1. Thanks for a great book. Three questions please.
    1. Which tool did you use to create your book (the one we bought from App Store)?
    2. I want to use a school font in my book, created by iBook Author. The font display all good on my Mac. My iPad through iBooks do not display the correct font, it convert the font to one of its default fonts.
    3. Please do a book illustrating how to link Keynote files (with movements) into iBook Author.

    Note: Great book, examples and website.

    • Glad you liked the book. Answers to your questions:

      1. I used Adobe InDesign CS5.5. It has the ability to create a document for print (my books are also available in print) and generate Epubs. Build one file, publish in several formats.

      2. You need to use fonts that are compatible with iBooks. The Font menu in iBooks Author’s format bar will limit you to just those fonts. If you absolutely must use an unsupported font, create an image with the text you want using that font and place the image in your book. This might be useful for logos (word marks), etc.

      3. I’ll likely either do an article or short book about putting Keynote presentations in an iBooks Author book. But I don’t think I’ll get to it for at least a month or so. Thanks for the suggestion.

      BTW, if you really liked the book, I sure would appreciate a positive review where you bought it. Thanks!

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