iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook

An illustrated guide to creating and publishing multi-touch books with iBooks Author.

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iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook helps you learn how to take advantage of iBooks Author’s amazing feature set to create your own ebooks without a lot of trial and error experimentation. Using an illustrated, step-by-step approach, it guides you through the creation of a sample ebook with features you’re sure to want in your own ebook publications.

Don’t waste time trying to find the answers you need in iBooks Author’s onscreen help. Get the information you need, written in a way you can understand by an experienced author who has been writing about Macs for more than 20 years.

Table of Contents

Before We Begin: Introduction

Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Starting Your Book
Chapter 3: Adding & Formatting Text
Chapter 4: Adding & Formatting Images
Chapter 5: Working with Objects
Chapter 6: Adding Shapes, Tables, & Charts
Chapter 7: Including Interactive Elements
Chapter 8: Publishing Your Book
Final Word: That’s All for Now

Exercise Files

The book includes many fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for building a complete multi-touch ebook. You can follow along by downloading the book exercise files:

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110 thoughts on “iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook

  1. I’m looking forward to working my way through your book about iBooks Author which I just purchased. It appears that the link to the training files referenced in the description of the book on your site is broken – thought you’d want to know. Please let me know when the files are available. thanks and best wishes, Michael

    • My apologies for the delay. After working for nearly two weeks straight on this book, I put the files on a thumb drive, planning to upload them to my server last night from home. Then I left the thumb drive at my office. I will take care of it first thing Monday morning. So sorry for the delay! I honestly didn’t expect both Apple and Amazon.com get the book in their stores so quickly; I uploaded them at around 3 PM yesterday!

      • Hi Maria: Thanks for taking the time to reply – despite having worked flat out for two weeks – I know the feeling! Please – get some rest, hang out with friends, go out in nature and take some photographs – the world can wait until you’ve had some well deserved R&R. I admire your spirit and wish you every success in all your endeavors. Michael

        • Thanks very much. I did as you suggested and spent the day outdoors with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Then zipped back to my office and got the files online. They’re all ready for you. Let me know here if you have any other problems. (Sometimes when I set up web page links in a rush I make boo-boos.)

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  3. Dear Maria,
    Thanks for your ebook which is already very helpful and I can only applaud the speed with which you have put this lot together. However, one downside is that I am having some difficulty reading the guide when locked onto my iMac all day. I have ‘Calibre’ and, this morning, have been road testing Adam Engst’s new ebook reader ‘Bookle’. Unfortunately, your book cannot be read either way (I suspect that the problem relates to your use of DRM on the ebook) and, although I sympathise very much with your problem as an author, it does make my life just that little bit more difficult. Any idea how I might resolve this?

    • I was not aware of this problem until you and someone else mentioned it. I’m really sorry. I guess I must have checked a wrong box when publishing. Give me a day or two to see if I can resolve the problem and get you the right version.

    • I need a bit more info.

      Did you buy the book from the iBookstore or Amazon.com? What app are you able to view it in?

      If Kindle, the book is not in epub format and requires the Kindle reader, which should allow you to read the book on any device with the Kindle app. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Bookie.

      • Maria, thanks for your note but you replied to it already an hour or so ago (and quite satisfactorily!).
        For clarification, the app ‘Bookle’ simply allows users to read the contents of an ebook directly on an iMac, for instance, (rather than an iPad or a Kindle). The use of DRM prevents that happening. Yet another product which does a similar job is ‘Calibre’.
        I have no other problems at this time, thanks.

  4. I am not able to buy the book on iTunes. I get a message that says it is no longer available. I bought a copy for my wife last weekend and there was no problem.

    I really need the book!


    • Which download is this? Are you talking about getting the book from the iBookstore or the files? If the files, which one are you having trouble with? I need more info to help you.

        • That’s really weird because about 3 minutes ago, I bought the book to see what your problem could be and it downloaded fine. There must be a problem with your account. Have you tried contacting Apple?

          Sorry I can’t be more help, but if I can’t duplicate the problem, I can’t help you troubleshoot it.

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  6. Maria, thanks for this great book! I was able to make some initial progress by reading the iBooks Author manual, but your book really helps to give both a global perspective on what’s possible and also the necessary details.

    Btw, what’s the best way to let you know about typos? I found a few here and there.

    • Thanks, Ed. And about the typos: you can post them here. Best way is to state the chapter number and the heading right before the error and I’ll track it down. I’ll clean them up periodically for future editions. (Sure wish I could have afforded to put a second set of eyes on this for proofing.) I sure do appreciate you and anyone else reporting any errors found.

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  8. Dear Maria,

    Firstly, I’d like to say how helpful I found your book. I was looking for something to get me up and running on iBooks Author very quickly (as I have a specific project in mind with a short timeframe) and this was perfect – clear, concise and well written throughout. So thank you!

    Secondly, if anyone looking on here is having any problems with iBooks Author not working consistently, I’d suggest they ensure they have the latest OS X update installed. I had lots of problems initially (e.g. section layouts not updating) and they were all resolved when I installed the 10.7.3 update, although the Apple description of the update makes no mention of iBooks Author. Just thought I’d share that.

    • Thank you very much for the kind words, Laura, and for sharing the info about updating Mac OS X. I did have some weird (but minor) iBooks Author issues as I started working with it, but chalked it up to being 1.0 software. Since then, both Mac OS and iBooks Author have been updated. No serious problems. I’m really loving the software.

      If I could be so bold as to ask a favor…any chance you can go back to where you bought the book and place a review there? I’m afraid the book is being bashed by folks who expected it to be written in iBooks Author format. Rather unfair, as I never advertised it that way. I sure would like a few objective reviews to even things out a bit. Thanks!

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  10. Hi Maria,
    Sorry, I posted my last question about the “review widget” in the wrong blog. The review widget has a question format that allows you to drop images on to labels. I can’t find a way to delete an image after making any changes. There’s an “undo drop” menu option which is only available as long as you haven’t made any changes. The only solution has been to delete the whole question which is very frustrating since it involves numerous dropped images.
    Thanks for your help,

  11. Hi Maria,
    I just found the solution to the “review widget” problem described above. You can select and delete the whole label, jut not the image alone. Sounds obvious now.

  12. Great! Well-written, solid book – written in 10 days – wow!

    Can’t wait to buy the iBooks 2 version to read on my iPad. Meanwhile reading the iBooks ePub version so we can do the user manuals for our software with it.

    All the Kindle folks are either ignoring iBooks Author or bashing it. Everyone who has looked at it knows it is great software and fills a gaping hole in the market but don’t want to admit it. Too disruptive I guess.

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to comment — and for saying such nice things! I really do appreciate the kind words.

      The iBooks 2 version will contain a lot of video; I’m a bit worried about the final file size. I hope to have it done within the next week or so.

      It is great software. It enables us to create something that’s more than just a book. Multimedia elements are the communication tool of the future. Being able to put together a great-looking book that includes more than just static words and pictures — without having to learn complex software or be a programmer — is amazing.

  13. Hi

    Do you havE an example of a multitouch iBook. I need to see what it can do and be that makes it so different. Struggling to find an example.



  14. Hi Maria

    Thank you for adding your beautiful book to the Danish iTunes so I could buy it yesterday.

    Now I have the same problem with the book “How Helicopters Fly”.
    Can you also add this book the Danish iTunes, because I want to read more about widgets?

    NB. I use the impressive free program Ehon to read your book on my iMac. This program with bookshelves, is also able to display photos.

    • Ah! I should have thought of that! Sorry. Will take care of it now.

      I’m not familiar with Ehon, but I’m glad its working for you. Keep in mind that “How Helicopters Fly” can ONLY be read on an iPad with iBooks.

  15. Maria,

    Great ibook guide. Just working my way through it. Two questions; what did you use to create the image files (airfoil shapes.png etc)? I’m writing a microlight pilots guide – can I use the images from Chapter 1 – flight forces?

    Kind regards

    • Glad you’re enjoying the book. All of those line drawings are from the FAA publication referred to at the beginning of the book. FAA publications are in the public domain.

      Good luck with your book!

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  17. Marvellous book! Up to chapter 6. I hope to use what I’m learning to create an ibook on aging and what we can do to stay healthy longer.

    I anticipate that issues of copyright and obtaining permissions may take more time and energy than actually creating the book. Perhaps you might consider putting together a guide to those aspects of publishing.

    Thank you, and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks very much. And you’re right: the most difficult and time-consuming process of creating an iBooks Authour book is creating or getting permission to use the kind of multimedia content that makes iBook Author such a great ebook authoring tool.

  18. Hi Maria

    I’d like to know if your book tells me how to save a single page layout that I have created as a template so that I can populate a chapter with the same style?

    My page layout contains a customised graphics footer that I am adding different information to for each page.

    I would like to add say 15 pages of the same layout and then save that as the Template.

    But from your sample guide and what I have read on the web, I can only see that saving a template saves the chapter opening page (Figure 3.1) and the pages that I create as a complete template unit.

    In Pages I seem to recall you could create a section break, isolate a page and copy it…and paste it in say 15 times and you had your layout – but in iBooks Author?

    Happy to buy the book if you do :-)

    • The book explains how to make, save, and apply modifications to any template page. While it doesn’t specifically answer your question, I think there’s enough information in the book for the average reader to figure out the answer. But I certainly do understand I you don’t want to spend $4.99 to find out for sure. Why not spnd a few hours searching Apple’s forums? I suspect you’ll eventually get someone to walk you through the process of doing what you need to. Good luck!

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  23. Hi Maria,
    is there a way to start with a blank page if I want to create a new template, or is it just possible to manipulate the existing templates which comes with the software? And if so, how can I remove the very thin lines which appeares at different paces in any of the existing templates? So I can´t delete them – at least I don´t know how.
    Thanks in advance.

    • The small lines can be changed by selecting them, then using ‘Unlock’ from the Arrange menu.
      After that it is possible to delete them, just found that information in the internet.

      Thanks anyway.

    • Actually, you’ve hit upon the topic of my next book: Creating Custom Templates for iBooks Author. I’m sure it will address all of your questions. Unfortunately, it’ll be another 2-3 weeks before it’s released. Hope you can wait!

  24. Hi Maria,
    now there is another thing I would like to delete but I can´t.
    I would like to get rid of the tranparent overlays on the table of content page, especially the one on the bottom – this crazy “step-design” which is good to see on figure 8.18 in your book. Funnywise this even appears in all templates – well at least all I tried, didn´t try all.

    Thanks in advance,

  25. Hi Maria,
    while figuring out which will be the best quality for photos I did a test with a picture. I made two versions of a pic, both JPEGs but one much more compressed. However I compressed it in a way that it still looked good on my Mac, but after shifting it into iBooks Author it looked pretty much washed out in the preview on the iPad. So my qustion is, does iBooks Author compress pictures on its own? Is it not even needed to prepair photos because iBooks Author anyway is optimizing pictures?

    Thanks in advance, Frank

    • Good question. Unfortunately, I don’t know. I haven’t experimented with this at all. It’s actually on my list of things to do, since the new iPad’s higher resolution seems to require a need for higher resolution images than I recommended in my book. Now that I have a new iPad, I can do side-by-side comparisons in book proofs. I hope to get to that early next week. It’s a good project that’ll make an excellent article for this site.

      Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer now.

      • My experience with the new new iPad is, that there is no need fot higher resolution. Well, at least I don´t see any difference. Maybe in some details of some pics but this is really not major. More important is what I was talking before. When you compress JPEGs quite intensively like for the use on a website then the pictures loosing contrast and the colors are washed out even when this pictures looked good on the computer, they do not anymore on the iPad (I tested it on the new iPad, don´t know if it would look different on an iPad 2). However, the questions remains if this just happen so or maybe because iBooks Authors is compressing the pictures automatically again?
        Besides it is true that the resolution of the iPad is 1024 x 768 px (iPad 2 and earlier) as you describe in your book, nevertheless the resolution of a single page in iBooks Author is 1024 x 768 px. I didn´t find a way to change the size of a page in tah software. Probably there is no way to change the size anyway.

  26. How long does it take apple to approve a book once it is submitted? I submit ipad apps all the time and it always takes exactly 7 days!

    • Apparently, it depends on the book’s format. I’ve had standard epub books approved in less than 2 hours. But I’ve been waiting nearly FOUR WEEKS for them to approve two I created and submitted with iBooks Author.

      So much for the idea of Apple wanting to show off this great new publishing tool. :-(

    • This is easily answered by simply trying it. With the preview option turned off, no preview is saved. That means you won’t see a preview icon in the Finder and can’t use Quick Look to view file contents.

  27. Hi Maria, one more … when saving a projekt one has also the choice using advanced options. There one can use the option to embed audio and films into the document. It remains the same question like with my last request. What happens if I choose not to emded audio and films into the document?

    • If you point to the options in the Save dialog, a help tip appears to explain the option. If that isn’t enough info for you, why not try it both ways and see what happens? You can probably get additional information in the onscreen help for iBooks Author on on the Support Website: http://www.apple.com/support/ibooksauthor/

      Please don’t expect me to be able to answer every single iBooks Author question you have. Due to my heavy workload — and the difficulty trying to earn a living as a writer when no one wants to pay for content anymore — my support is limited to clarifications or correction to what’s in my books.

      • Well, of course I did try it either way, but I really couldn´t see any difference. Nevertheless I believe that there is any kinf of difference otherwise it would be a hoax to have this options, which I cannot really believe.
        And yes, there is this Support Website but as you probably know that is more than basic and does not get into any detail. Apple´s Hotline is also kind of lame and one is just hanging for hours in the waiting loop on the phone not seldom without any result.
        The only good Apple Support one can get (at least my experience) is in the Apple Stores but unfortunaltely there is no one just around the corner from where Iive. However …

        • Don’t sell Apple support options short. There are quite a few knowledgeable people in the forums who apparently have nothing better to do that field questions about all kinds of things. Try posting your question there; you’ll likely get a response pretty quickly. Good luck!

  28. I am wondering, browsing through a document works a little slow in preview, so every pages has to load for a while.
    Filesize can´t be the reason. I removed all the pictures and used really small ones (about 20 KB each) for another test, but that didn´t change anything.
    Besides all this just happens when flipping pages in the normal mode. In chapter mode one can flip fluently from one to the next chapter-page.
    It shouldn´t be a hardware problem either, the test was done with IOS 5 and the newiest iBooks version.

    Any idea, or is it normal? Thanks in advance.

  29. Dear Maria,
    I’m trying to publish using iTunes Producer, but getting stymied. The app keeps asking for Publication Type and Price Tier, but won’t let me insert or choose anything. Does iBooks Author describe how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

  30. hello Maria,
    I bought your first manual about ibook author. I wonder if you created it with ibook author?
    I work with 1.1 for retina now. the book appearance of you manual seems not to be provided by it.
    thanks for info!
    Thomas, Germany

    • The iBooks Author-created version of my book has been stuck in Apple’s approval process for the past six weeks. With luck, it will be available before we all die of old age.


  31. When read on the iPad, some ibooks, like the iPad User Guide, display a sepia option but some (E.O. Wilson’s book) do not. I would like to include the option in a book I am authoring, but I can’t find how to do so. Any advice?

      • Thanks, but there remains a problem. Some books include the sepia option as a drop down from the aA ikon. It allows the reader to toggle it on or off.
        I’m trying to figure out how the author ensures that the reader will have that option.

        • The books you are referring to are epub format books. They were not created with iBooks Author. Character size, font, and color options are not available to readers with books created with iBooks Author.

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  33. Please delete my comment of last night. Your sample chapters did download, but not to “Download” on my iMac, as I was expecting, but directly into iTunes. As you can see, I am a beginner!

    Your “Helicopter” book however is not available in Belgium.

    Also I managed to download the Wilson book – I had been trying to download it from the USA Store. When I searched for ibooks on the Belgian Store I found it there and was able to download it.

    • I’m glad you resolved your problem. I’ve been traveling and haven’t had a chance to look into these things.

      I added the sample Helicopter book to the Belgium iBookstore. You should be able to download it now.

      Enjoy the books!

  34. Maria,
    Thanks for the iBooks Author help. Your text gives a lot of information in few words. I like your way of addressing a lot of relatively complex issues. Your files were a big bonus. If I got stuck, I just tried again. Most of the time it worked. Even then, I just used your completed chapters to get on with the next components.

    Do you know if it is possible to have another kind of video widget. The existing seems a bit blunt… big arrow in the middle of an image. I would like to have images, followed by video, then return to annotated images, then again some video. A little icon or just the bottom of the next page indication of video options would be nice.

    Apple has an commercial ap for additional book styles. I did not find additional iBooks Author widgets. I am absolutely not a programmer (my HTML experience is far too long ago and I don’t want to go back).

    To give you a better idea of what I want: I envision the reader (or parent of a young person) indicating what is on a page. The next page might be a mini-video; or a small gallery. Transition between “pages” should be ordinary… where the next page comes up as either a video or a text page or a gallery page. Is this at all possible?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Lannie Graham
    Punta Gorda, Florida

    • Thanks for the kind words about my book. I’ve had a lot of really positive responses to it. And now that the interactive version with 3 hours of video is finally available, people are really getting to see the kind of book they can create with iBooks Author.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to your question. I don’t know of any widgets other than the ones included in the software. The arrow in the middle of the image is pretty universally recognized, so I’m not surprised that Apple used it for their widget.

      If you have suggestions for improving iBooks Author, I recommend that you contact Apple. Try http://www.apple.com/feedback/ibooks-author.html

      Good luck with your books!

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  36. Hi Maria,

    I notice you have a strong collaboration with Lynda.com. Would there be any plans for you to write an iBooks Author course for Lynda.com?

    I have bought your iBooks 2 version of the guide, but sometimes wish to read it on my iMac, not on the iPad all the time. This is especially so with the new videos! (they look great, by the way). Is it possible to download the videos to watch separately? I understand iBooks 2 books have DRMs which do not allow on-screen reading on an iMac. So sad- a strong drawback that Kindle doesn’t have.

    • Unfortunately, my collaboration with Lynda.com is not strong enough. They’ve elected to work with another author on an iBooks Author project. This is why I created my own videos for the book.

      I don’t expect a Lynda.com course about the software to appear anytime soon, though. They are notoriously slow about releasing new material other than for Adobe products. Extremely frustrating to authors who understand the importance of timely releases.

      I have no plans to release the videos as stand-alone material. The videos were created with the iPad screen in mind and won’t look good on a computer screen. Sorry!

      • Hi Maria,

        That’s okay. I can mirror my iPad on my Mac if needed. Just takes more effort that a simple desktop programme. (to save my eyes!)

        By the way, I thought I’d inform you that the third video of Chapter 2, the one on iBooks Author Preferences, looks like its encoded at a lower quality than the rest of your videos. It looks blur compared to your other videos. I might be wrong though….

        The rest of the videos look sharp :)

  37. Hi Maria. I’ve been enjoying your book, but have what is probably a daft problem. I can create chapters, sections etc., but I cannot get a preview to show more than the cover page. I think this is because I have misunderstood the method of constructing the sequence
    Chapter 1
    and linking it all together.

    I’m well-versed in creating epub and mobi formats, but find myself stumped by what must be a simple failure to understand how content flow is established.

    When you have a mo, could you possibly set me straight.

    Just as a general observation, when you next revise, you might point out that Apple does not have page-turning in the Author app – quite bizarre when you consider the quality of the software.

    Best wishes


    • Unfortunately, I don’t understand your problem. What preview are you referring to?

      Also, what do you mean by “page-turning in the Author app”? Do you mean the animated page turn? Where the page kind of flips over?

      Sorry; maybe I’m just being dense. Give me more details so I can answer your question.

  38. I’ve started to create a second copy of my book in iBooks Author except the Chapter template has this stupid little divider line at the top that seperates the text from the image. I don’t need the image therefore I don’t need the line either but can’t find out how to delete the bloody thing. Now I don’t mind buying your iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Ebook if it will answer this specific question. So all I need is a yes or no does it answer the question?

    • I think it does. But hell, I wouldn’t want you to make such an enormous investment to get the answer for just one question. Why not save a few bucks and look for an answer online?

  39. I’m enjoying the enhanced version of your iBooks Author Book. I’m curious to know some of your secrets for recording your screen videos and screen shots. I’ve looked and played with a few of the tools available. Can I ask what you used?

    Also, does the book use the standard Contemporary template that ships with iBooks Author?


    • Thanks very much for your kind words. I’ve had a lot of great feedback about the book.

      I normally use Snapz Pro for screenshots and video recording. I save the video from QuickTime to Apple TV format. I’ve modified one of the templates that come with iBooks Author for use with my ebooks.


    Ha ha ha…no…I expected some kind of thrown-together book that wouldn’t really be much help, considering how useless were the other books I looked at, and considering how useless were the various online tutorials I found on iBooks Author.

    The first day I got iBooks Author, I put together a small book, based on tidbits of information I found here and there and my own experimenting. And the book came out OK, but I felt a strong need to get more help before trying another book.

    I recognized Maria’s name from other books I’ve bought in the past, and decided to spend the $7.99 or whatever it was, thinking maybe the book would be better than nothing.

    What a surprise! This is quite possibly the best…the very best “how to” book I’ve ever bought…and I’ve bought a lot of them.

    Who would guess that an ebook written shortly after a brand new application comes out would be anything other than a piece of junk? I mean…wouldn’t you expect the book to be filled with errors, editing gaffes, incomplete instructions, and poorly done in general?

    Ummmm…well…not this one. This book is well done, everything I wanted to know about was so clearly explained. I’ll never again be satisfied with a book that doesn’t include videos showing how to do things.

    I have to say that Maria deserves a medal for the job she’s done on this book.

    I could write a list a mile long of flaws found in most “how to” books…and not one of those flaws would be present in this book.

    I don’t know how she did it, but I love it.

    Best wishes to you, Maria…I am so grateful for this book…I now know that I can go ahead with a “real” book, knowing I’ll be doing it the right way.

    P.S. Maria…I saw somewhere that you wanted to know of any problems with the book…and so I kept notes of a very few things you might want to “correct” if you’re going to do a new edition of the book. Where would be a good place to send you the list?

    • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to write this review.

      In a day and age when writers and publishers are throwing together anything they can to publish cheap (or free) ebooks, I took my usual approach: I wrote a complete book about the software that wouldn’t leave readers bothered by glaring omissions and errors. I’m not saying my book includes everything you could possibly know about iBooks Author — it would be five or ten times its length and would have taken five or ten times as long to write. And I’m not saying my book is completely error-free — indeed, several people have pointed out typos. But starting the day after the software became available, I worked 10-12 hours a day for about 10 days to get the first version of the book out there on the iBooks, Kindle, and NOOK platforms. Then I spent another 3 days recording an editing almost three hours of original screencast video for the Interactive iBooks version. My biggest frustration was waiting two months for Apple to approve the interactive version.

      I guess my point is this: I worked hard on this book, using my 20+ years of experience as the author of 80+ books to make it as good as I could as quickly as I could finish it. To get a review like this is a huge reward for me — far more valuable than the $5.60 I will earn from its sale to you.

      I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking some time out of your day to share your comments here, where I’m sure to see them. You’ve really brightened my day and encouraged me to stay on this path, writing affordable how-to books for today’s ebook readers. I just hope you also included your review on the iBookstore where others might see it, too. It’s tough to sell an $8 book when so many others are selling theirs for $3 and less — and amazingly tough to continue to earn a living as a writer in such a world.

    • Sorry…I was so overwhelmed, I neglected to answer your question. You can send feedback to me via the contact form here: http://www.aneclecticmind.com/contact-me/

      I appreciate it; I know the book isn’t perfect and would like to fix the problems with the next revision. My only concern is the wait for Apple approval on any new submission — I waited 2 months for this book to appear; if I resubmit, they might pull the existing title and make me wait all over again. So any changes might have to wait for the next edition of the software and that book.

  41. Dear Maria,
    Congratulations on ‘Publishing your first ebook’ I think it is a real triumph, clear and elegant. Apple should be paying you to to use it as their official manual.

    My question – Is it possible to add or delete pages within a chapter? If you have say 10 pages in a particular chapter, can you insert a new page before page 4 and delete page 7. Thank you

  42. Maria:
    I’m still working on the fundamentals of iBooks Author using your excellent teaching guide, iBooks Author Publishing Your First Ebook. On the Chapter 2 Parts of a Helicopter page, the left side of the image is darker than the right. Can this be modified so that the entire page is the same?
    Also, can the title of the eBook and chapter information be placed at the top of each page, similar to what you have done in the paperback edition?
    Can most of the Chapter and Segment pages have a full screen image, as though there is a single column? I would like to have large images on pages as well as in a Gallery. Will this impact the ability of the reader to zoom into an image?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Lannie Graham
    Punta Gorda, Florida

    • Thanks for your kind words about my book! Glad you’re finding it helpful.

      It seems to me that all you need to do is modify the layout you’re using. When you modify a layout, any pages based on that layout change. Although my book does not go into detail on modifying layouts — I think that might be a good topic for another, shorter book — I do touch upon it in Chapter 7, where I discuss changing placeholder images. By making major modifications to a book’s layout, you can, in effect, create your own custom template that looks nothing like the ones that come with iBooks Author.

      Hope this helps.

      • Maria: I have examined several templates as available from iBooks. Each first chapter page is fixed to one side of the whole page. In the Astronomy template, the first chapter has a light black color as background. The placeholder image does cover both columns of the chapter page but with the light black background, the final color is darker on the left than on the right. If I try to put a new chapter, add, or insert, I get the same odd coloration on the left. I’m not sure what to do that will accept an inserted chapter page without coloration. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

        • The “odd coloration” in the Astronomy book template is simply a translucent gray box. Delete it from the layout, apply the changes, and it’s gone. Follow these steps.

          1. Choose View > Show Layouts.
          2. Under Layouts in the left column of the screen, click the Chapter page (with the earth).
          3. In the main window (on the right) click the left side of the image that has that weird coloration. To make sure you select the coloration area, I suggest clicking at the very top left corner, above where it says “Chapter 1.” The gray rectangle becomes selected.
          4. Press Delete. The gray rectangle disappears.
          5. In the left column, click the red Apply Changes button.

          That should do it.

  43. Hi Maria..

    I am looking to use ibooks author to create an interactive version of a small independent magazine. This will showcase current content that is already in the printed version but will allow for more multimedia on articles and advertisements. what are the common publishing durations once you have finalised your ebook and awaiting your ebook to be seen in the “iTunes store”


    • I wish I had better news for you, but it took a ridiculously long time to get my two iBooks Author generated books approved — more than TWO MONTHS. I haven’t tried publishing anything lately; I can only hope things are better.

      Perhaps other publishers reading this can share their experiences? Good luck!

  44. I’ve found your book to be very helpful and it’s gotten me past many hurdles. There’s one problem I’ve been unable to solve and I don’t find a solution in your book. My project has many short movies in it- often two and sometimes even three per page. The label numbers for movies on the same page will be out of sequence if the movie that is lower on the page is also positioned further to he left. Apparently the numbering is determined by the widget’s position relative to the left margin. If I drag the lower movie to the right so that it is further right than the movie above it, the numbering corrects itself. I’ve tried all sorts of fixesbut nothing has been satisfactory. Any ideas?
    Thanks again for all of your help!

  45. Hello Maria,
    I’m trying to wrap my head around the main differences between EPUB format and the ibooks author format that only works with ios devices.

    Does EPUB support video and audio? I think I’ve read some articles that it does.

    Bottom line, I’m trying to publish a book for both, the ibook store and the rest of the world, Kindle, Nook etc. It has video and images, would you recommend iauthor or EPUB format or both.

    Great book by the way, I purchased the EPUB edition and considering purchasing the enhanced edition to compare the two.

    Thanks for your advice


  46. Hi Maria

    I have written an i-book called Investing in Oil Shares

    It is basically a manualand a guide to investing linked to a set of excel spreadsheets that allow an investor to value an oil company prior to buying the stock

    I need to sell the i-book with the excel spreadsheets attached . Does your book explain how to do this as I cannot find this covered on the web. I am very willing to buy your book if it can explain how I can publish the ibook and related material together as a package.

    Kind regards


  47. How long after you publish a book to the iBooks book store before you can pull it up! Thanks for all of your wonderful knowledge!

  48. Love your book and use it all the time while developing my first iBook.

    I have a question about templates. I would like to add the Chapter number and Chapter title to the top of each page of my book like you did in your book. How did you do that?


  49. Will you mind basically if I cite a pair of your blogposts given that I give you acknowledgement combined with sources back to your web page? My web page is within the comparable area of interest as your own and my web site visitors will gain from many of the material you present on this site. Please be sure to inform me if it is okay with you. Kind regards!

    • When you say “cite,” what do you mean? Are you talking about providing a short quote from my blog post with a link back to my original blog post? Or are you talking about lifting the entire –or nearly the entire — text of a blog post and putting it on your site? The first is okay, the second is not. Copying and pasting blog posts from my site onto another site is in violation of copyright law and is NOT permitted.

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