About this Site

Welcome to Maria’s Guides, a site built and maintained by Maria Langer to offer support and additional material to the folks who read her books and articles and watch her video training courses.


The topics you’ll see covered here include those that Maria has authored books and training videos about in the past, as well as other topics that interest her. There’s a lot of material here — this site has been archiving content since 2004. Some of that might be a bit out-of-date for the average user, but there’s always someone using older systems or software that can benefit from it.


You can use navigation bar and sidebar links to zip right to a specific topic. You can also use the Search box at the top of any page to search for specific content. When using navigation and search features, remember that content is listed in reverse chronological order, so the newest material will always appear at the top of the page.


Your comments are always welcome — although they are moderated to weed out spam and abuse. Use the comments link for any post to comment about its contents.


And finally, if you want support for Maria’s published work, use the navigation bar at the top of any page to go to the support page for that book or video. You can then leave a comment on the support page; you should get an answer within a day or two. This comment-based support makes it possible to receive and answer questions about a book in a place where everyone can read and benefit from the answers.

Learn More about Maria

The best place to get more detailed information about Maria and learn how to contact her directly is on her blog, An Eclectic Mind. Try these links to quickly zip to specific information:

  • Maria’s Bio
    Complete and up-to-date information about Maria and her work.
  • Lists of Maria’s Work:
    • Books
      Maria has authored more than 80 books since 1990, covering a wide range of computer topics for Mac OS and Windows users.
    • Articles
      Maria has written hundreds of articles for printed and online publication since 1990. (These articles do not include the ones found here or on her blog.)
    • Videos
      Maria has authored a number of training videos since 2006 and continue to produce one or two each year.
    • Appearances
      Maria is a frequent guest on several podcasts and occasionally speaks at Macworld Expo and user group meetings.
  • Contact Maria
    Contact Maria via email.