Maria’s Guide Title for iBooks Author Now in Production

Look for it within the next week or so.

iBooks Author IconNo sooner had we put the finishing touches on Sorting Excel Data than Apple delivered a brand new topic for the Maria’s Guides book series: iBooks Author.

iBooks Author is a Mac OS application that enables you to develop media-rich ebooks for iBooks on iPad. Although it has a limited audience, it makes up for those limitations with sheer publishing power. This free application makes it possible to create books that not only include fixed page layouts, but images, galleries, movies, review tests, and interactive graphics. Best of all, it features a relatively easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

We’re excited about iBooks Author, mostly because of all the great new ways we’ll be able to enhance Maria’s Guide books for iBooks readers. We’re also excited about producing a book about a brand new topic: iBooks Author: Publishing Your First Book should be available before the end of the month. We hope you’ll look for it here—and on the iBookstore, of course.

12 thoughts on “Maria’s Guide Title for iBooks Author Now in Production

    • The book will first be available as a standard ebook for Kindle, NOOK, and iBooks. A short while later, a second, enhanced iBook edition (published with iBooks Author) should appear in the iBookstore. And by the beginning of Feburary, it will be available in print through and other major booksellers.

    • I’m forecasting ebook publication next week. It’ll be available on Kindle, which is worldwide. Not sure how the iBookstore handles marketing and sales, but if it can be sold in the Netherlands, it will be.

  1. Dear Maria,
    Bought this book in iTunes Store and could not read it because of DRM.
    iTunes refund my money and took this book out of thé store.
    How /wgere can I get a readable epub copy now?
    Or an iBook for my iPad?
    Thanks !

    • Cornelis: As it says in the description for the book — at least when I see it listed in the iBookstore — the book requires iBooks on iOS to read. The one you purchased should have worked in iBooks on your iPad. Try buying it through the Store feature within iBooks. It should work fine. I’ve tried this myself and was able to purchase and read it on my iPad with no problem.

      Let me know if you continue to have problems.

  2. Maria:
    Thank you for your book on iBook Author(very helpful and reasonably priced).
    I have one problem (or difficulty), the font for hyperlinks automatically becomes red. I have tried to change the style, but I failed. Any wisdom you care to share?


    • I’m glad you found the book helpful. Please help me by spreading the word — and possibly writing a review where you bought it?

      In answer to your question, I noticed that iBooks Author applies two different styles to links depending on what kind of links they are. I don’t have the software in front of me today to give you specifics, but one is for figures and the other is to links on the web. What you need to do is select a link with the formatting you don’t want applied to it. Then make changes so it looks the way you want. THEN open the Style drawer, find the style that’s selected, and click the red arrow beside it. Use the menu to tell iBooks Author to update the style based on the selection. (The book provides a screenshot and exact details on how to do this.) Once you redefine the style, all text with that style applied should change accordingly — unless other formatting has been directly applied. (The book explains that, too.)

      Check the section called “Modifying Styles” for more information. Good luck!

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