Interesting Links, August 2010

Here are the links I found interesting in August, 2010:

  • Delimiter – Aussie sci-fi author David Freer on eBooks, DRM and Bass Strait internet – Science fiction author David Freer offers his views on DRM and ebooks. I find that they’re pretty close to my thoughts on the matter. On Delimiter. Thanks to @Miraz for sharing the link.
  • Would You Like Some Help? – Remember Clippy?
  • 5 reasons why people hate Apple – “Every company has its opponents, but Apple really gets people worked up. Some people hate Apple a lot, more than they hate Nazis or Smurfs. They leave angry comments on Apple blogs. Based on my extensive observations of the species, Apple-haters fall into five categories. If you’re an Apple-hater, which one of these categories do you fit in?” By Mitch Wagoner. Read more on Computerworld.
  • Google and Verizon Near Deal on Pay Tiers for Web – “Google and Verizon, two leading players in Internet service and content, are nearing an agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege.” Could this be the beginning of the end of net neutrality? In The New York Times.
  • Twitter’s Meteoric Rise Compared to Facebook – Here’s another infographic — this one is for Twitter stats. On The Blog Herald.
  • Facebook Statistics: The Numbers Game Continues – Interesting infographic depicting the raw numbers of Facebook. On the Blog Herald. Thanks to @plagiarismtoday for sharing the link.
  • Giving Users Some Credit – “Websites are designed to be used by people of varying backgrounds, educations and technical levels. One of the challenges we face when designing for the Web is finding a way to create sites and applications that can be accessed by a widely disparate audience while avoiding the pitfall of sacrificing the quality of our work to cater to the dreaded ‘lowest common denominator.’” Read more on Design Informer. Thanks to @AprilMains for sharing the link.
  • Technology’s Biggest Myths – “Expensive cables are better! Defragging speeds up your PC! Refilling ink cartridges ruins your printer! We put these and nine other claims to the test to find the truth behind tech’s tallest tales.” On PCWorld.

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