Interesting Links, July 2010

Here are links I found interesting in July 2010:

  • Apple Confesses to Flaw in iPhone’s Signal Meter – “Apple said on Friday that for years its phones had been exaggerating signal strength by displaying too many bars — indicating stronger reception than there ever was. The problem, Apple said, is a bug in the software, which it promised to fix soon.” You mean the problem ISN’T AT&T? Read more in the New York Times.
  • A War of Apps for and Against Belief – “An explosion of smart-phone software has placed an arsenal of trivia at the fingertips of every corner-bar debater, with talking points on sports, politics and how to kill a zombie. Now it is taking on the least trivial topic of all: God.” Read more on the New York Times. Thanks to @DJGrothe for sharing this link.
  • Life, Liberty, and 140 Characters – The winners of Slate’s contest to rewrite the Declaration of Independence in a single tweet.
  • iPad stealing sales of e-readers and portable game consoles – This explains the Kindle and nook price drops, but I think it’s too little, too late. On TUAW.
  • Blogging Pitfalls: Flamebait – Is your blog being controversial just to attract hits? If so, read this. By Jonathan Bailey on BloggingPro.
  • What Apple Must Do to Stop the Bleeding – Good advice from Mashable about what Apple should do about the iPhone 4 antenna problems. Thanks to @cofrenchy for sharing the link.
  • What your email address says about your computer skills – Humor from The Oatmeal. (And, in case you’re wondering, I’ve had my own domain name for e-mail since 1995.) Thanks to @mikebarish and @PilotMike for sharing the link.
  • Bad Connection: Inside the iPhone Network Meltdown – Article on explaining the AT&T bandwidth #FAIL. Thanks to @pilotmike for sharing the link.
  • Apple Sued Because iPad Does Not Work “Just Like A Book” As Claimed – Yet another frivolous lawsuit. Why don’t these lawyers go out and get REAL jobs? Read about it on The Consumerist.
  • Time Inc.’s iPad Problem Is Trouble for Every Magazine Publisher – “Time Inc. likes to show off its iPad apps as a symbol of the company’s future. But inside the publisher, the digital editions have become a source of hair-pulling frustration. That’s because the magazine giant has been unable to get Apple to let it sell and manage subscriptions for its iPad apps — much to Time Inc.’s surprise.” read more on MediaMemo/ This is a perfect example of how Apple’s desire to control every aspect of its apps is hurting its partners and customers.
  • Redefining Empathy In Light Of Web’s Long Memory – “In an era when 75% of employers research applicants online, erasing youthful indiscretions is next to impossible. Jeffrey Rosen accepts that parts of private lives become public on the Internet, but hopes that it will lead us to be more forgiving of one another’s missteps.” Read more on
  • 100 million Facebook users’ details published online – ” The personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been collected and published online in a downloadable file, meaning they will now be unable to make their publicly available information private.” This is just the kind of thing that should teach people to keep their private info OFF social networking systems. As for the guy who made this available to the world, I think he should be sued from here to Pluto. On

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