Interesting Links, February 2010

Here are links I found interesting in February 2010:

  • Are You Spamming Comments Inadvertently? – Some food for thought for bloggers about comments, comment moderation, and comment spam. On Weblog Tools Collection.
  • In their words: Experts weigh in on Mac vs. PC security – Informal survey of security experts on Mac vs. PC security issues. On CNET News. Thanks to @EstherSchindler for sharing the link.
  • All The Many Ways Amazon So Very Failed the Weekend – An excellent, entertaining, and truthful read by John Scalzi. Thanks to @Jodene on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • 20 Years of Adobe Photoshop – A great summary of the history of Photoshop, which is 20 years old this month. On Webdesigner Depot. Thanks to @estherschindler for sharing the link.
  • Stopping Self Content Theft – “Feeding Google’s insatiable appetite for content is on of the main reasons why infringers scrape and plagiarize content and also one of the biggest reasons why it is important to monitor and, in many cases, defend against it.” Read more on
  • We’re turning comments off for a bit – Engadget realizes (belatedly) the problems that ensue when you fail to tightly moderate comments on a blog. Thanks to @MikeTRose for sharing the link.
  • Why You Should Never Consider Buying A Used Kindle – Another great post about Amazon’s long reach into their customer’s lives. Thanks to @Jodene for sharing the link.
  • 15 Design Tips to Learn From Apple – 15 practical ways to follow Apple’s example in creating beautiful interfaces. On Design Shack.
  • Why Amazon Cannot Afford To Lose The eBook Wars To Apple – “The Apple iPad isn’t even available yet, but already it is forcing Amazon to respond in a variety of ways to protect its competing Kindle eBook business.” Read more on TechCrunch. Thanks to @alanpringle for sharing the link.
  • YouTube – High Quality JPEG Recompression Artifacts – 500 saves – Interesting video shows the degradation of an image saved as JPEG over and over. Thanks to @BorrowLenses for the link.
  • WordPress for BlackBerry Version 1.0 – Information and a video about the new WordPress for BlackBerry app. On
  • Macmillan gets standing ovation from American booksellers | – “US publisher Macmillan received a standing ovation at an America Booksellers Association meeting, according to various tweets from the event, picked up by GalleyCat.” Read more on Thanks to @publishingtalk for sharing the link.
  • 8 Types of People That Belong on Twitter | – Fun article summarizing the kinds of people on Twitter. On Thanks to @cofrenchy on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • mea culpa – One of the best and most honest things I’ve read about Apple in a long time. By Rick LePage. Thanks to @BWJones on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • Free Speech and Freedom of Information: Advice for Bloggers – “The information bloggers choose to put out there often has a huge impact on how they’re perceived and what others online think about them. And what many bloggers don’t realize is that information they put on their blogs can have a direct legal impact.” Read more on Thanks to @yaksierra and @flyingwithfish for sharing the link on Twitter.
  • Privacy, complexity seen as Google blind spots – “The recent privacy backlash over Google Buzz, the company’s new social-networking service, is the latest in a series of launch fumbles that some argue reveal troubling blind spots within the Internet giant.” Read more on Thanks to @jodene for sharing this link.
  • A Camera That Can See Straight Through You – Fine art photography via X-Ray. On Thanks to @BWJones for sharing this link.
  • Is This Any Way to Run an App Store? – “Apple seems more concerned with its excessive control over the iPhone and its App Store than providing its customers with the best possible apps.” Read more from Ted Landau on recent App Store removals. THIS is one reason I’m a bit leery about buying an iPad. I don’t like the idea of Apple controlling what I can and can’t run on my device. Thanks to @MikeTRose on Twitter for sharing the link.
  • A Win For Publishers – Inside Higher Ed – “In what publishers are calling a significant copyright victory, a German court has approved an injunction filed by six academic publishers — including four founding members of the electronic textbook consortium CourseSmart — against the file-sharing company RapidShare AG. The injunction prohibits the company from giving away digital copies of dozens of scholarly titles.” Read more on Thanks to for sharing the link.
  • The Sandpit – A really great time-lapse video of New York City, using tilt-shift photography. Thanks to @SzymonNiemczura for sharing the link.

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