4 Great Articles about WordPress 2.7

Why reinvent the wheel?

WordPress LogoLast night, the folks at Automattic updated WordPress.com to version 2.7. The self-hosted version of WordPress is still in beta, although Release Candidate 1 (RC1) was released two days ago.

I’ve been working with WordPress 2.7 for about two weeks now (since Beta 2) and am absolutely thrilled with it. The Dashboard and administrator interface has been completely reworked to make it not only more useful, but easier to navigate. Sure, a lot of folks will be grumbling about the change from horizontal-on-top to vertical-on-left navigation, but when you look beyond the obvious, you see a true user interface improvement.

There are plenty of other new features, too. But rather than write my own article about them, here are links to five other articles written by folks who clearly love WordPress as much as I do. Read up, upgrade, and enjoy!

2.7 Gets Here in 2 Days! by Jane Wells on the WordPress.com blog was the first official announcement of 2.7′s upcoming appearance on WordPress.com. Jane helps fuel the excitement with a great description of the new features.

10 Things You Need to Know about WordPress 2.7 by Aaron Brazell on Technosailor states, “This is not your grandma’s WordPress!” (Not sure if I should be offended by this; there’s a chance I might be old enough to be his mother.) He then goes on to describe and state his opinions of the new features.

WordPress 2.7 – 20 Must See Features by Sean P. Aune on Mashable lists the 20 features he finds most notable with a few screen shots.

WordPress 2.7 arrives Thursday night is a shorter and more to-the-point piece by Joshn Lowensohn on cnet news. It links back to the first article here (which I also think is the best) for a full discussion of features.

I’ll be writing a bit about WordPress for Maria’s Guides as I find new tricks and tips to share. I’ll also be revising my Lynda.com training material to cover the new features available on WordPress.com.

If you have specific topics you’d like to see me cover, please use the Comments link or form for this post to list them. Please — no tech support questions for a weird problem you might be having; that’s what WordPress’s support forum are for. I’m interested in addressing “how to” questions, although I can’t promise to answer every one I receive.

2 thoughts on “4 Great Articles about WordPress 2.7

  1. I’ve just updated over a dozen of our department web sites to WP 2.7, running on an OSX box, and I’m having issues with scheduled posts not ever getting published. I’ve read all the forum topics over at wordpress.org about the problem, but the best solution seems to require wget, which OSX doesn’t include among the command line tools. I’ve tried to use curl in its stead, but that doesn’t appear to be working.

    Any suggestions here?

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