Canon LiDE 30 Scanner with Photoshop CS3 on Intel Mac

Not a good combination.

I finally got around to installing my Canon LiDE 30 scanner — I know it’s cheap junk, but that’s all I need — on my iMac. Much to my surprise the driver installer didn’t see Photoshop as a place to install a plugin. So I manually installed it And then it wouldn’t work.

So there goes another hour of my time to troubleshooting the problem.

It appears that Canon doesn’t have an Intel-native plugin for the scanner. The plugin was written for Power PC Macs. And Photoshop CS3 won’t run Power PC plugins on an Intel Mac.

This explains why the setup worked perfectly well on my Dual G5 (did I mention it’s for sale on eBay?) but won’t work on my new iMac.

I found information for a workaround on the Adobe forum. (Can you believe actually found helpful troubleshooting information on Adobe’s site?) The topic title is Scanner not recognised in Photoshop CS3. Someone named Buko suggests running Photoshop in Rosetta and explains how to do it:

do a get info on the CS3 application and check the start in Rosetta button

Photoshop InfoI followed these brief instructions (see screenshot) and restarted Photoshop. And guess what? It worked.

Rosetta is an Apple technology that makes it possible to run non-Intel native or non-Universal Mac OS applications on an Intel Mac. As this Info window illustrations, Photoshop gives you the option of running Photoshop in Rosetta when necessary to ensure support for older plugins. You can turn this option on before you start Photoshop to access otherwise incompatible software-driven features. You can turn the option off and restart Photoshop when you don’t need those features.

I’m no under-the-hood programming expert, so I was wondering what the pitfalls of running Photoshop in Rosetta were. I Googled and found an article on titled, “Photoshop seems to run fine in Rosetta.” Although the article is nearly 2 years old, I agree that Photoshop seems to work okay.

The suggestion on the Adobe support forum was to run Photoshop in Rosetta only when you expect to scan something. This is probably a good idea, especially if you do a lot of intensive graphics processing. But there are other ways to scan that don’t require Photoshop at all. The CanoScan Toolbox software, which comes with the scanner, works fine and can send the image to Photoshop to be opened. That seems to be a good workaround, especially if, like me, you don’t scan often.

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  1. I downloaded the driver, installed it, check marked the “Open using Rosetta” under the Photoshop Info. Still the Scan Gear is not popping up under Import in Photoshop. Am I suppose to put the driver in the Photoshop plug in folder. Can you help me?

  2. I have a dual G5 Power Mac (not Intel, so I don’t need Rosetta), and have just installed Leopard & Photoshop CS3. I have installed, un-installed and re-installed Scan Gear, but it refuses to show up under Import in Photoshop. Any chance someone knows why?

  3. The ScanGear driver (I believe) needs to installed in Photoshop’s Plugins folder. (Don’t have my computer in front of me right now and can’t confirm.) But those of you having trouble, should try that. Be sure to restart Photoshop before trying. Good luck.

  4. Thanks Maria, but no-go so far — first, I un-installed ScanGear (which was in my Applications folder). Then I re-installed it into two Plug-in locations: Applications>Canoscan Toolbox 4.1>Plug-Ins & System Folder>Application Support>Real>Plugins. Nothing in Photoshop. I kinda give up, but how do I connect to the scanner other than thru Photoshop? When I try to open ScanGear by double-clicking the icon, I get “Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognise this type of file”. Sheesh!


    I am a moron.

    I just followed the instructions carefully and put the driver into the correct folder (Photoshop’s Plug-ins) and it worked!!!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU — I’m beaming good vibes from kiwi-land.

  6. Actually it DOES work on an Intel processor if you set up Photoshop to run in Rosetta as described in my post. Really. I can’t justify the purchase of a new scanner when I only scan about once or twice a month.

  7. The Rosetta option worked! Thanks so much! Wasted all afternoon trying to get it to work and the best I found was VueScan software which costs almost as much as a new scanner. Thanks much!!!!

  8. ***Running ScanGear on Leopard overloads my CPU!!***

    I had the same results as all of you using my canoscan lide 30 with leopard. It seems to work fine with photoshop running in Rosetta and with the toolbox application, but as soon as I run the ‘CanoScan Toolbox’ software it overloads the CPU on my macbook and forces the cooling fan to run on high to keep the processor from overheating.

    Too much of this can be potentially damaging to your computer!

    The way to test for this is to run the “Activity Monitor” application (in the applications folder under ‘Utilities’) and check the CPU usage of the ‘CanoScan Toolbox’ application while you have the program open. In my case it usually reaches 100% when the scanner is idle.

    Another easy way to test for this is to listen for the fan in your computer. It will start humming relatively loud if the CPU is overloaded. This should happen pretty soon after you open ‘Toolbox’

    I’m curious to know if this happens with other Leopard users, and if anyone has a solution for it.

    If this does occur on your computer, I wouldn’t recommend heavy usage of the software, and scanning through photoshop doesn’t help either because the ScanGear software will run through photoshop causing the same problem.

    I hope this is helpful.

  9. Help!

    Okay, I am a year old Mac user. I am on Leopard, using CS3. I have an old LiDE 30 scanner. I downloaded the latest driver from Canon. Installed it. I also download the Toolbox. It ask to set the application to scan to. So I selected Photoshop CS3. It says plug in cannot be found. I look at the Plug In folder in the CanoScan 4.1 toolbox folder located in my Applications, and there is nothing there. How or where do I install a Plug In for Photoshop. Am I missing something somewhere cause nothing seems to be working. I greatly appreciate the help.

  10. Chris, I really don’t know why you can’t find the plugin. Have you consulted the folks at Canon about this? Have you tried installing it again? Did you read my instructions above?

    Wish I could help, but the above summarizes pretty much all I know about the scanner and using it with Photoshop.

  11. Hanna, sorry I missed your comment. No, this does not happen to me. But the problem may be due to your processor and its speed. I’m using the scanner with a new 24-inch iMac with lots of RAM. The scanner doesn’t seem to affect it much more than anything else. If your computer barely meets the Leopard requirements, that might be what’s causing it to heat up. My PowerBook G4 chokes on many tasks, even running Tiger.

  12. Maria:

    Thanks yo your post, I didn’t have to waste time looking for a solution to this. However, I DID find a way to get around this without having to go through the Rosetta work-around. Simply install the CanoScan Toolbox software and it will work. Granted, it’s not Photoshop, but I use my scanner as often as you, and this will work just fine for me.

  13. DM, actually, that’s how I do it, too. I have it linked to Photoshop so when the image is scanned, it opens in Photoshop for editing. Can’t be bothered with the Rosetta thing.


    I have intel Mac, 10.5 Os x, CS3 photoshop, in Rosetta mode — the “import” never showed up under the file pull-down section, but go to the very last choice under file menu and you will see: ‘Show all menu items’ — simply press this and the ‘import’ selection will show and you can scan away !!!

  15. Bill

    The very last choice under the file menu is “print one copy”. There is no Show all menu items I am afraid:(

  16. Hanna -

    Yes, ScanGear + Canoscan Lide 30 + Leopard 10.5.4 + MBPro 15″/2.4GHz/4GB = lots of heat, high CPU%, whining fan.

    Bleah! This scanner has always had lousy Mac support – which is especially weird given that I bought it at an Apple Store. Well, it does look nice, I suppose.

  17. FANTASTIC!!! Thank you SO much Maria for such a “for dummies” description of how to solve the problem. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now. And at this very moment i REALLY needed to scan somthing. Rosetta worked perfectly. I had downloaded CanoScan Toolbok but it wasn’t working, wasn’t finding the plugin in the photoshop version, etc. Rosetta was so simple!

    If it helps anyonw though, something that I had to do was figure out how to force photoshop to run under Rosetta:

    So simple! THANK YOU!!!!

  18. Hi, thanks for this very useful forum. I have been struggling to get my LiDE30 working for several weeks on and off. Finally today thanks to this forum I have cracked it.

    There is a little extra information which might be helpful to people who still have not managed to connect up their scanner.

    Yes, do by all means click on the “run on Rosetta” option.

    Download the Canoscan Toolbox and Install it.

    “CanoScan Toolbox Inst Carbon E” will appear.

    Inside there will be a file called “Into Plug in”

    Open this and drag the Scangear plug-in to Adobe Photoshop CS3/Plug-Ins/Import-Export folder.

    Then restart your computer and Scangear will appear in the File/Import list.

    I hope I haven’t garbled this – I have been working on various versions of it all day!

    Good luck.


  19. I have been using the CanoScan 967OU for a couple years with an Intel Mac and it has been really annoying, but not enough to buy a new scanner! Running ScanGear CS only works in Photoshop if I am using Rosetta.

    Using Photoshop CS3 with Rosetta causes my intel Mac to crash quite a bit. I installed more memory and it still crashes when saving scanned images.

    Is there a different software I can use with this scanner that works with PS CS3 on intel mac’s?

    If I do go out and buy a new scanner, it will be one that can make larger scans, does anyone know of a reasonably priced Tabloid or A2 scanner that works on intel macs with cs3?


  20. HOW TO SET UP CANON LIDE 30 on Mac OSX 10.5 intel machines.

    (ALSO WORKS FOR LIDE 20 – select the lide20osx7011en.dmg driver)

    Step 1:

    Step 2

    Step 3

    LiDE 30 Scanner Driver Ver. 
Mac OS X

    CanoScan Toolbox Ver. 
Mac OS X

    Step 4
INSTALL CanoScan Toolbox Ver.

    Step 5
INSTALL LiDE 30 Scanner Driver Ver. . Make sure Applications>CanoScan Toolbox 4.1>Plug-Ins is selected as the install location.

    Step 6 

    Step 7 
When you run CanoScan you can choose Photoshop as the default program to open the image in once it has scanned. You do not need Photoshop to open using Rosetta for this to work.

    NOTE: If you want to scan directly from within Photoshop CS3, you need to copy the driver ‘ScanGear CS 7.0X’ which is found in Applications>CanoScan Toolbox 4.1>Plug-Ins into the photoshop pluggins folder, Applications> Adobe Photoshop CS3>Plug-Ins>Import/Export. You also need to open photoshop in Rosetta mode. Apple + I on the photoshop icon and select ‘Open using Rosetta’. I would not recommend using this method though.

    Step 8
Go to System Preferences>Accounts>Login Items and remove both of the following:

    Step 9

  21. I have not tried his solution. If I get a chance to give it a try, I’ll post any corrections or changes I come up with. If it does not work for me either, I’ll delete it; no sense in multiple people wasting time trying instructions that won’t work.

  22. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to connect the Canon LiDE30 to my macbook G4 with no success. Hardware profiler recognizes the device, but for some reason the bundled scanning software is not recognized as a valid app. I do not have photoshop and just want to do simple scans to save in order to view in preview or email to another computer where i DO have photoshop. I have reinstalled/uninstalled the drivers several times, differing versions, and I have gotten nowhere as of yet.

    Um, any solutions? I see other people making headway, maybe I can too!


  23. I don’t know why you’re having this problem. You certainly don’t need Photoshop to use the scanner. In fact, my current workaround is to scan from outside Photoshop and then open the image in Photoshop. But you can open the scan for editing from within any appropriate application.

    Have you tried Canon support?

  24. Thanks – Your guide on using Rosetta led me in the right direction, and the comments advising the toolbox helped out when the ‘rosetta’ option was greyed out.

    After far too much struggling, my scanner works. It makes me sad they can’t have native OSX Intel Support, but just having it working makes me happy enough. =]




  25. The problem I have is that I write an article about how something works or doesn’t work or can be worked around when I’m having the problem or finding the solution. Then Mac OS or something else is updated and things change. I can’t go back and find and rewrite or even edit the old articles. But the folks that comment on it take care of a lot of that maintenance for me by telling us all what works for them.

    We work together to build solutions. Glad you found help here, even if it didn’t come from me.

  26. I have this scanner and I’d like to replace it so I don’t have to deal with this issue anymore. What’s the next best 8.5×11 scanner to get that has an Intel driver? I don’t need anything fancy.

  27. I recently purchased a Canoscan 4400F, which does support the Intel processor, and also works well with Photoshop CS4.

    If you’re a Canon customer (because you need to replace your current Canon scanner because of the Intel issue), call tech support and ask for a loyalty discount code, which will also include free overnight shipping.

    My cost for a refurbished 4400F was $50–a good deal for a good scanner.

    I trust this helps.

    Eden´s last blog post: Behind Door Number One

  28. This worked perfectly! If only I knew about this hours ago :-)

    Using: Macbook Pro, 10.5.6, Photoshop CS4, Canoscan N1240U.


  29. thanks Keith 37, it was very helpful to me, just copied the driver into the import/export folder of Photoshop and it worked.

  30. Lide30, Intel, and CS4 nightmare OVER

    My solution was this: Install Canoscan and install the demo of VueScan. Launch the copy of VueScan and the scanner should function normally. Quit Vuescan and launch Canoscan-and it works.

    I stumbled on this by installing the Vuescan demo just to confirm that my scanner was still functioning. I have installed this on 3o computers in a lab environment and it works on every one!

  31. Just bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro and installed a fresh new copy of CS4. My Canon Lide20 scanner is now worthless. Nothing seems to work. Photoshop can’t see it. After 2 hours of bullsh*t with the awful Canon “support” site, I discovered the miracle of VueScan. Solved all issues. One download and I’m back in business. Thank God for VueScan. Well worth the crummy $39 bucks. I wish I had bought VueScan first. It would have saved me two hours and A LOT of frustration. VueScan is awesome!

  32. David: I went the next step. I spent $59 and bought the Canyon LIDE 100. Sold the old scanner on eBay for $20 plus shipping. The new scanner works like a charm on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (that’s not a typo) with all my software.

  33. Had another issue with an Epson 3590-just used Image Capture built into the Mac OS and it played nice. Would not work with Epson software. That may work on the Canon’s too.

  34. I have followed all the instructions EXCEPT, in the Photoshop app’s info window, I am unable to check the “open using rosetta” box; I have permission, and access is unlocked. But not able check the rosetta box. Any ideas? Thanks!

  35. YES! thanks very much

    thought that was goin to be a right palava.

    it was working on my cs2 and was very confusing.

    thanks again

  36. Works for me on my CanoScan Lide 80! ScanGear 7.2.x worked under Rosetta but like everyone else not in a stand alone Leopard driver within Photoshop. Thank you so much.

    C’mon Canon we can’t all afford to rush out and buy a new scanner just because it’s good for your business!

  37. Thank you !

    I didn’t have any problem using CS2, but then my hard disk crashed and I installed CS3 on the new drive – obviously the scanner didn’t work anymore…

    But following your guide I’ve fixed it – wow, greart!

  38. Kay I dont understand computers…… AT ALL. They hate me. lol
    I had to switch computers and tried re-installing the scangear and the plug ins. Im positive I put everything in the right folders from what I read noted above in the forums… I even tried the Rosetta thing. But my photoshop still inst recognizing the scangear under the import part in the program.


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