iPhone could turn technology world on its ear

iPhoneIncredible survey results in an article on AppleInsider.

Here’s an interesting statistic from “iPhone could turn technology world on its ear” on AppleInsider:

As of February, awareness of Apple Inc.’s iPhone device had spread to nearly 50 percent of U.S. consumers, with a significant chunk of those people expressing sincere interest in buying the device without having first seen one in person, a broad market survey has shown.

Can you imagine? Developing a product that 50% of consumers know about — and many want to buy — months before the product’s release?

Read the article for more details and marketing survey stats.

As for me, I’d like an iPhone, but have no desire to sign a contract with “the New AT&T” (AKA Cingular). I cancelled all of my AT&T services and sold all of my AT&T stock after a major run-in with their India-based customer service department. I’ll wait until another carrier supports the phone before I get one. By that time, any bugs will have been worked out and the phone will be cheaper, anyway.

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