Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

I find the right bookmark synchronizer for FireFox.

One of the features I immediately missed when I switched from Safari to Firefox was bookmark synchronization. I use two different Macintoshes on a daily basis — my desktop Mac at the office and my little PowerBook — and it really bugged me that they didn’t have the same bookmarks.

But I quickly learned that Firefox supports extensions and add-ons. And I tracked down a plugin called Bookmark Synchronizer SE. I installed it on both Macs and soon had synchronization working on Firefox.

But BMSync SE had upload and download progress boxes that appeared each time it uploaded bookmarks to my server or downloaded bookmarks from my server. If I set it on Automatic upload/download, this dumb box appeared every time I closed all Firefox windows, quit Firefox, or opened a Firefox window. It was annoying. When I put it in manual mode, I had to remember to upload and download the bookmarks. This is more effort than I wanted to make.

Yesterday, after making some extensive changes to my bookmarks, I went looking for another solution. And I found it: Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer. This works like BMSync in that you must install it on each computer you want to synchronize. When you restart Firefox, a Foxmarks installation wizard appears. It guides you through the steps to set up an account on the Web site where your bookmarks will be stored. Turn on automatic synchronization and you’re done.

What I like about Foxmarks is how effort-free it is. And although I’ve set up a account, I could also set up Foxmarks to work with my own server to help enhance privacy. (Not that doesn’t have security; I’m sure it does.)

I uninstalled BMSync this morning. And I’m really glad I don’t have to look at those silly download windows anymore.

4 thoughts on “Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

  1. Nice article. I tried all these bookmark synchronization tools and I am trying to opt for one now. I would have liked to use Foxmarks with my own WebDAV server but automatic synchronization did not work, I had to synchronize manually. Is the automatic synchronization a server-side feature?

  2. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that. I used it at first with my own FTP server to save the bookmarks file, then switched to Foxmarks’ server because (sadly) it was more reliable than mine. Your best bet is to track down the author of that software and ask him. Good luck.

  3. I’m thinking of installing it, but I’m unsure of whether or not people can access your bookmarks as part of a public pool, after doing so. Have you had any security/privacy issues since using Foxmarks? Do you still use it at work and home, etc?

  4. You need to set up a user name and password for Foxmarks to work. So I’d like to think that your bookmarks are private. I don’t have any secret logon stuff in my bookmarks, so I’m not particularly concerned. And I really is a great utility. I use a desktop and laptop all the time and the bookmarks are always identical — even the organization — all the time. I can even use it on my Windows laptop with Firefox so all three computers match.

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